Jerakano was formed to provide organisations with high quality information governance and security management services, specialising in cyber security research projects and the implementation of risk-based management solutions.

At Jerakano we take pride in working with our clients in a collaborative and flexible manner to help identify their real underlying problems and tailor solutions to meet their specific needs. Our approach builds on experience gained across a broad range of organisations in many different sectors and countries, supported by proven tools, techniques and templates.

Our aim is to provide outstanding service and build long term business relationships to help our clients enhance their information governance, reduce cost, mitigate risk and accelerate productivity.

  • Innovative research projects, particularly for specialist topics such as cyber security, bringing fresh thinking to both new and traditional areas
  • Support for security implementation projects in the form of information governance, strategy, risk management, policies/standards (including ISMS) and awareness, with a special focus on meeting requirements in a creative, yet structured, manner
  • Support services for members of the Information Security Forum (ISF) to help them make the most of ISF tools, services and project deliverables
  • Design, selection and implementation support for 'GRC' information risk management tools, often using our bespoke AFFIRM approach

The Jerakano Advantage